Salt & Steel is an artisan jewelry line started by me, Tiffany Chana Asraf. I design and fabricate my pieces using recycled and sourced metals. I want the nature of the material to speak for itself and my final works to feel elemental, strong, and alluring; to reflect the sense of valiant beauty in the wearer.

To give you some background, I started working with metal in 2011 and quickly became enchanted with the medium, putting every other artistic infatuation on hold. Traveling and learning has always been a priority for me and jewelry fabrication has become a catalyst to push those dreams forward. I have had the opportunity to show my work in Santa Cruz CA, New Orleans LA, and Asbury Park NJ.  I'm extremely grateful for all the adventures I have had and people I have met thus far all through the act of creating! I can't wait to see where Salt & Steel ends up! Thank you all for your support and constant encouragement.

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